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The values shown below are those that should be used in the DOAP files maintained by ASF Projects.

The Categories listed in a DOAP file may be any combination of the following. Each should be included on a seperate line as shown in the example below.

<category rdf:resource=""/>

This list is not meant to be definitive. If there is not a suitable category then please use a suitable term and send an email to site-dev at with details of your addition.

Remember that the idea behind categories is to create groups of related projects. Please do not add every possible descriptive keyword for your project as a category. Instead, add a category if it will be useful for linking your project to other projects, and in particular, other Apache projects.

Category Description
big-data Projects related to technology involved with Big Data.
build-management Projects related to building/maintaining source code/websites.
cloud Projects relating to provisioning, managing, running or creating cloud services.
content Projects relating to storing, processing, transforming, reading and rendering content.
database Projects related to databases.
http Related to the HyperText Transfer Protocol.
httpd-module Modules designed for use by the Apache HTTP Server.
javaee Projects that implement one or more of the JCP JSRs required by the Java EE specifications.
library A library meant to be used by other applications.
mail Servers or applications related to internet mail protocols.
mobile Projects to enable or run on mobile devices.
network-client Anything that acts as a client across a network.
network-server Anything that acts as a server across a network.
osgi Libraries that support or applications that utilize the OSGi framework.
retired A product that is no longer expected to be developed.
testing Software designed to test or verify other software.
web-framework Unifying frameworks for website development.
xml Software based on XML technologies.

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