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The data used to generate the website is maintained by the projects themselves. The code that generates the site is simply using aggregating the data supplied and presenting it in a cohesive manner. The individual projects should never need to be concerned about how the site is generated - they just need to maintain their data!

Guidelines for maintaining their data files can be found here. This section of the website provides more information about how the site is generated and the various dependencies within the data we rely on.

ASF Extensions to DOAP

When looking at using DOAP as our file format, we decided that while it met most of our requirments, there were two areas that it didn't have support for. As it's an extensible format, we defined our own extension to DOAP using the 'asfext' namespace. Document making use of one or both of these extensions should use the following namespace declaration:


The two additions that most projects will need to use are:

  • Project Management Committee
  • Standards

Documentation for both is provided in this section, and guidelines for how they should be used can be found in the DOAP Files section of this website.

Projects Internal Name

In order to standardise the naming for creating links within the projects website, the following format is used for the internal name used as the 'id' attribute for files, PMC files included:

  • lowercase
  • 'Apache ' is removed from front of name
  • spaces are replaced by underscores

e.g. The internal name for 'Apache Forrest' is 'forrest'.

Site Generation Source Code

The source code for DOAP files and the code to generate and manage this site are stored separately:

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