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DOAP Extensions: Standards

Extension element: Standard

The "Standard" element is used to list all the relevant standards implemented by the project. These standards include W3C or ISO standards, RFCs, various technical specifications etc.

To obey proper rdf striping rules, the "Standard" element must be wrapped in an "implements" element. The "Standard" element itself has 4 sub-elements:

Element Status Description
title Required The expanded title of the standard.
body Required The body which published the standard (Example: "W3C", "OASIS", "ISO" etc.).
id Required An identifier for the standard (Example: ISO/IEC 15438, RFC2397, JSR206 etc.).
url Optional An URL pointing to the standard (main website or specification document).


    <asfext:title>Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatting Objects (XSL-FO 1.1)</asfext:title>
    <asfext:id>XSL 1.1</asfext:id>
    <asfext:url rdf:resource=""/>

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