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In an effort to help you find projects of interest every project being developed by the ASF is being encouraged to provide a DOAP file. This file is useful in itself, but they are also used as the basis of the information for this site.

Using the data published by the project, each project has a page giving you enough details to decide if it's one you are interested in. Links to find out more about the project are included.

This site isn't intended to replace the individual projects website, merely to facilitate you finding the project in a few clicks!

Available information

The only information available on this site is that provided by the projects themseleves. If a project has not yet provided a doap file or chooses not to update it then their information shown here will be missing or incorrect. If you see such a problem then please contact the project directly.

If you represent an ASF project without a listing here but have a DOAP file, then get in touch with the infrastructure team and they will add you to the list.

If you represent an ASF project without a listing here and don't have a DOAP file, then go write one! We hope to soon offer a small CGI that will generate a basic DOAP file for your project to allow you to get started quickly.

If your project is currently being incubuated then it can't be represented here. Sorry.

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