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General DOAP Guidelines


  • rdf:resource should be used when listing URLs.
    i.e. <doap:homepage rdf:resource="" />
    is the correct form to use.
  • the doap:Project element may be embedded in other styles of feed, e.g. within an Atom feed. When included in such a way it should still follow all guidelines, even if this means duplicating information.
  • Dates should be formatted as 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Numbers should be padded with '0' to match the formatting.
    e.g. Jan 1st 2001 should be written as '2001-01-01'
  • all URLs should be fully qualified, including the protocol.


  • projects should include the 'Apache' prefix when listing their project name.
    i.e. 'Apache HTTPD' instead of 'HTTPD'.


  • programming languages should be given as capitals unless their well known name is mixed case.
    e.g. Java, SVG, Tcl, Perl, etc

    A full list of programming langauges we accept is available here
  • all releases should have a "product" name (added using a doap:name element) included in the doap:Version element.
  • The categories that a project should be recorded as being within are recorded as rdf:resource using the following format<category>
      e.g. <doap:category rdf:resource="" />

    A list of the categories is available here
  • the shortdesc element is used for providing a brief description on index pages and should be included.

PMC descriptors

  • PMC descriptor files must always have the extension '.rdf', and must be listed in the file
  • PMCs can be referenced as an rdf:resource that points at http://<pmc> e.g.
    <asfext:pmc rdf:resource="" />.
    In this case, the PMC descriptor file must be called <pmc>.rdf and must be stored in the directory:
  • PMCs descriptors can also be stored anywhere else (e.g. on the TLP website or in SVN), in which case they must be referenced using the full URL, for example
    <asfext:pmc rdf:resource="" />

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