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Codebase statistics

Language breakdown across the ASF:

This chart shows the languages used by all projects at the ASF, sorted by the number of lines per language (excluding comments and blanks)

Evolution of codebase over time:

This chart shows the lines of code, blanks and comments over time at the ASF (see cloc documentation for details).

Commits and changes

Lines changed, past year:

Committers and authors

This chart shows the number of active committers and authors on a monhtly basis. Committers are people with an Apache committer account, whereas authors may be any person that has contributed code to an Apache project.

Committers and authors, past year:

Most prolific committers:

Issues and email

Number of issues opened/closed, all time:

Email, topics and email authors, past year:

Largest/Busiest repositories

Repositories by number of commits, past year:

Repositories by Lines of Code:

Language Treemap