About This Website

This website is maintained by the

The primary content for this website is in static HTML, and uses a variety of cronjobs, JavaScript, and other tools to dynamically display the data.
The underlying sources are stored in a Subversion repository at:

svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/comdev/projects.apache.org/trunk/

Changes checked into the HTML are reflected immediately on the production server.

How The Code Works

The data about Apache projects on this site is generated at least daily by cronjobs running Python scripts from various data sources. Various cronjobs check authoritative ASF data sources for updates, and then cache data needed by this website (and possibly other websites) in a variety of JSON files that are checked into a Subversion repository for safety and simplicity of backups. This site then uses JavaScript and a variety of visualization tools to dynamically display charts and listings of Apache project metadata.

  1. Organizational information about Apache project committees and people,
  2. PMC RDF data files in the data/committees directory.
    PMCs can maintain their own data files instead: replace the the default "committees/pmc-name.rdf" entry with your URL in this file:
  3. Project DOAP files listed in https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/comdev/projects.apache.org/trunk/data/projects.xml
    DOAP files are maintained by the projects themselves.
  4. Data for the statistics page is provided by snoot.io
    This is derived from: TBA
    In case of issues with/comments on the Snoot data, please contact the Apache press mailing list (press@) or mailto:info@snoot.io
  5. Technical details about the code are in STRUCTURE.txt

You can ask us questions on the dev@community.apache.org mailing list, or read the mail archives online. To report a specific problem with the website, create a COMDEV Jira issue in the "Projects" component.

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