Create an ASF DOAP File

To be listed on this site, your Apache project must create a DOAP file. The DOAP format is RDF based, so while it is human readable, it's primarily meant to be machine read. Creating the file from scratch can be a little intimidating, so this page will allow you to generate an initial file that can then be edited to suit. Alternatively, you can browse the existing projects for one with similar resources and use its DOAP file as a starting point.

Complete the form

Before completing this form, you should really read the guidelines. The FAQ page may also prove useful.

Please remember that the data contained in the DOAP file is used directly on the website, so please take care when adding content.

Customise your file

The file that is created when you submit your data is only a starting point. You'll likely need to modify some aspects of it, especially adding data that the form doesn't allow you to enter. You should be able to simply copy/paste/edit the sections you need to duplicate.

You may have more than one of the following sections:

For example, if there are multiple release versions, each must be in its own "release" section. Each "Version" entry needs to be in its own "release" section. Similarly each "SVNRepository" must be in a separate "repository" section.

Validate your file

It is a good idea to check if your DOAP file is at least valid RDF. This can be accomplished using the W3C RDF Validator service. While this won't tell you if your file meets DOAP or Apache guidelines, it is at least a good basic sanity check.

Submitting your file

Your DOAP file should be stored somewhere that is publicly accessible. For most projects this will be in their source code repository, but there is no requirement for it to be stored there. It is suggested that the DOAP file is stored somewhere in SCM such that it is copied to the top level of the website. The DOAP does not belong in source or binary release bundles, and if it is under the normal source tree there will be multiple copies in tags and branches, which may be confusing. Also if the DOAP is always referenced by the site URL it is very unlikely to change, whereas SCM layouts are often changed.

Once you have decided where the file will be stored, you can directly edit the file to get your project listed:
For example, add an entry like one of the following:

If using Git, make sure that the URL links to the raw DOAP content as per the above examples.
Please keep the file in alphabetical order by TLP id (i.e. httpd, kafka, logging in the above examples)

DOAP Creation Form

Before completing this form, you should really read the guidelines.

When you submit this form, a sample file will be created and returned to you. It will be named 'doap_<project>.rdf'. and will be presented as a downloadable file.

Project name Apache
Project homepage https://
Programming Languages
Project PMC
Short Description
Long Description
Bug Database URL
Download Page URL
Mailing Lists Page URL
Release Name
Implemented Standard Title
SVN Repository Location URL
Web View URL
GIT Repository Location URL
Web View URL